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I am flattered that you want to learn a bit more about me!

So my main interests are traveling, reading, music, and audio technology in general. While the latter may sound fairly generic, it is true. Just let me explain: I guess I am not a huge exception in that I wanted to become a rockstar at some point during my teenage years. Music just was my lifeline during fairly difficult times. On the one hand, this was because playing the piano was one of the few things I was quite good at, exhibiting a slightly narcissist streak, being exceptionally good at something always mattered a lot to me. On the other hand, I was an excessive music listener during my teenage years, and remained so up to today. It always helped me to escape reality. Fantasising about what I would do in the future kept me going through quite inconvenient school years and possibly beyond. Since I was indecisive on what course of study to enrol in after finishing High school, I naturally went towards something music-related, which was Audio engineering. 



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